The goal of Virginia Art Chat is to enrich the lives of artists, collectors, educators, curators and art lovers by providing an inspirational gathering where noted speakers share their perspectives on the visual arts to educate, illuminate and entertain in an accessible and affordable manner for all interested parties.

By its nature, the visual arts are a solitary endeavor. However, for an arts community to flourish, communication and networking are essential for artists and patrons to make intellectual and business connections. Virginia Art Chat will provide a free welcoming event for people interested and invested in the visual arts to network. The program will start with a stimulating speaker and be followed by a social event for participants to discuss the speaker, meet one another and discuss their work.


2 thoughts on “About

    • I did, using some left over paint from my work. My work is representational, so it was great fun to make the banner. You can find my work at diannemillerart.com. Join us for Virginia Art Chat and meet lots of wonderful folks, open to all, free of charge!
      Dianne Miller
      (Virginia Art Chat co-founder)

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