Past Speakers 2014



Mr. Duane Keiser, creator of the Painting A Day movement charmed his delighted audience of enthusiastic fans with his wit and wisdom at the October 18th Virginia Art Chat.


Mr. Keiser chronicled his journey through the last few decades of the art market and his artistic evolution with amusing tales and insights.


He shared his impressive ability to maneuver and adroitly adapt to the ever-changing world of technology and the fast-moving art market and predicted more exciting and challenging changes to come. You can follow Mr. Keiser’s Painting A Day journey and enjoy the little gift of a painting in your inbox at


Mr. Keiser stayed to chat with the guests.


Everyone enjoyed his good company.


Our sincere thanks to Mr. Keiser and our wonderful Virginia Art Chat guest for a lovely end to the 2014 season and, as always, our  thanks to Gallery Flux for the use of their beautiful space.


Mr. Spencer Turner and Ms. Eva Rocha, Co-directors of the Virginia Center for Latin American Art, presented an insightful program on May 17th. They discussed the creation of the Virginia Center for Latin American Art and their philosophy of bringing latin art to a wider audience and bringing the experience of creating art to the latin community. They created the Galleria Movimento to give them the freedom to travel where their audiences is located.


Unfortunately, the Galleria Movimento, a refurbished school bus, was vandalized recently and they were not able to bring it to the event. a small collection was made and they are still accepting donations for the restoration of the bus. You can contact them at or give them a call at 804-972-6536. They hope to return this fall with the bus repaired to share their vision with us.


Ms. Rocha and Mr. Turner stayed to meet the audience and talk about the future of their program.


As always the program was followed by a reception of treats and punch.


Our sincere thanks to Gallery Flux, the speakers and the guests for another wonderful Virginia Art chat.


Mr. Foster Billingsley from the Virginia Commission for the Arts graciously spoke at the first Virginia Art Chat of 2014 on  April 19th. He was so kind to join us on a holiday weekend. Mr. Billingsley shared a wealth of information about the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Many in the audience were unaware of the numerous programs the commission offers, including free workshops for artists and arts organizations for developing boards, creating budgets, and writing grants. You can contact the commission  to receive their emails about up coming workshops in your area, or follow them on Facebook,


Mr. Billingsley explained the numerous kinds of grants for which artists and arts organizations can apply. These include general operating grants, artist fellowships, local government grants and touring assistance to name a few. Mr Billingsley answered questions and clarified information during his presentation. The commission will even help you write the grant proposal. Visit the Virginia Commission for the Arts website to learn more about their multitude of grants and programs.


The commission is always looking for panelists for their advisory panels to help pick the grant recipients. They look for a wide variety of individuals who represent business interests, education, community concerns as well as artists and people actively engaged in the arts. You can learn more about the panels at the commissions website To nominate someone as a panelist you can contact their office directly at


Mr. Billingsley stayed and had thoughtful conversations with the artists and guests. We sincerely appreciate his time, interest and attention for each person’s questions and concerns.

As always the event was followed by a reception that featured nibbles and punch. The guests enjoyed the good company, tasty food and lovely setting.


Once again we would like to thank Gallery Flux for allowing us to use their space and for generously supporting our efforts, as well as, Mr. Billingsley and all our guests  for a wonderful afternoon. It was a great kick off to 2014.



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